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EMILY's List & Electing Pro-Choice Women: Ellen R. Malcolm in Conversation with Christine Bronstein

  • Commonwealth Club 555 Post Street San Francisco, CA, 94102 (map)

Ellen R. Malcolm-Founder, EMILY's List

Christine Bronstein-Founder, Nothing But The Truth Publishing; Author; Mother-Moderator

In 1985 Ellen R. Malcolm launched EMILY’s List, which has grown into a powerhouse political organization over three million members strong, focused on creating change by electing pro-choice women to office.

Ellen’s new book, When Women Win: EMILY’s List and the Rise of Women in American Politics, details the rise of EMILY’s List from its humble beginnings at a time when there were only 12 Democratic women in the House and none in the Senate, to present day where EMILY’s List has now played a vital role in helping to elect 19 female Senators, 11 governors and 110 Democratic women to the House.

When Women Win: EMILY’s List and the Rise of Women in American Politics features interviews with some of today’s most celebrated Democratic female politicians, including Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Baldwin and others. The book also recounts some of the most daunting political challenges for Democratic female candidates over the past three decades, including the historic election of Barbara Mikulski as the first female Democratic United States Senator elected in her own right, the defeat of Todd Akin by Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren’s hard-fought victory over Scott Brown.

Join us for a lively discussion with Ellen R. Malcolm about the evolution of EMILY’s List, the brave women who have successfully navigated our nation’s tough political landscape and what the future holds for women in politics.