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Rebecca Traister and Alicia Garza: Good and Mad Women

Rebecca Traister, Author, Good and Mad (forthcoming) and All the Single Ladies; Writer, New York and The Cut
Alicia Garza, Principal, Black Futures Lab; Strategy and Partnership Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance; Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter

From #MeToo in Hollywood to the women's marches across the country, women’s anger and rage has been at the center of major cultural shifts and, more importantly, has brought to light how far society has come and how far it has left to go. Cultural depictions of women are often framed around emotion, and anger has especially sparked national conversations across politics, news, television and literature in recent years.

Join Rebecca Traister, journalist and author of Good and Mad, and Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, as they dissect these portrayals of emotion and trace them throughout social movements in U.S. history. They will discuss the immense power that comes with mobilizing “angry” women despite double standards, and they will explore how indignation is perceived differently depending on who is exerting it and who is experiencing it—a crucial difference in today’s political climate.

Location: 110 The Embarcadero, Taube Family Auditorium, San Francisco
Time: 5:30 pm check-in, 6:30 program followed by book signing

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